Create Memories While Promoting Early Literacy

CLASS® Improves Outcomes in Language and Literacy

Trajectories for reading proficiency in third grade and beyond are set in birth to five early learning environments. Our newest research summary details the links between the Pre-K CLASS® tool and improved children’s language and literacy outcomes.

Create special memories for the children in your classroom while learning instructional support strategies for story time.

With thoughtful planning, enthusiastic reading, and engaging opportunities to participate, story time can be a fun way for children to learn community, belonging, compassion, and empathy. Join Teachstone staff and other early childhood professionals for a monthly storytelling event packed with strategies and resources to help teachers foster connections with their children and the storybook characters.

Attend a Live Event

At the end of each month, we will host an interactive live storytelling event. Teachers, parents, and children will see Teachstone staff, and others in the early childhood community, read a story using interactive instructional support strategies to keep the story engaging and facilitate children’s learning. Each story will come with a free downloadable reading guide that teachers and parents can use to improve on their storytime with their children. The event is free to all.

This month, Story Time Live celebrates Pride! This month’s stories focus on introducing young readers to the concept of gender identity and expression so that they can have a fuller understanding of themselves and others.

Join us on June 24th at 1pm EST to read:

  • Red: A Crayon’s Story
  • Jamie Is Jamie: A Book About Being Yourself and Playing Your Way

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Access On-Demand Recordings

All of our previous Story Time Live events are available to watch on-demand along with the reading guides.

Interactive Reading Guides with CLASS® Concepts

Support children’s learning and engagement with these free downloadable reading guides. Each guide is packed with instructional support strategies to help you enhance the experience of reading with children. New guides are added every month.

Ever Day Dress Up

“It's no secret that little girls love playing dress up, but the little girl in this book ditches her princess duds in favor of costumes inspired by great women in history.”
Download Reading Guide

I Believe I Can

“An affirmation for boys and girls of every background to love and believe in themselves.”
Download Reading Guide


"Much more than how one looks on the outside, true beauty is found in conquering challenges, showing kindness, and spreading contagious laughter. Beautiful girls are empowered and smart and strong!."
Download Reading Guide

Parker Looks Up

"A delightful story that speaks powerfully to the importance of representation."
Download Reading Guide

Our Favorite Day of the Year

“In this charming story of friendship and celebrating differences, young readers can discover how entering a new friendship with an open mind and sharing parts of yourself brings people together.”
Download Reading Guide

We’re Different, We’re the Same

"Elmo and his Sesame Street friends help teach toddlers and the adults in their lives that everyone is the same on the inside, and it’s our differences that make this wonderful world, which is home to us all, an interesting—and special—place."
Download Reading Guide

Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon

"In this sweet and brightly illustrated picture book, Amy Wu must craft a dragon unlike any other to share with her class at school in this unforgettable storybook."
Download Reading Guide

The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh

“Harpreet Singh loves his colors—but when his family moves to a new city, everything just feels gray. Can he find a way to make life bright again? This simple yet sensitive story is about a child coming to terms with things beyond his control.”
Download Reading Guide

Is there a book you’d like to see turned into a guide? Let us know!

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Help children gain thinking skills through effective Instructional Support strategies for story time.

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