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We believe all children should experience life-changing teaching and classroom experiences. Our research-based solutions and services support high-quality teacher-child interactions that are proven to impact children’s success -- in and out of the classroom.

Rebuild Towards a Future of Quality for Every Child and Every Educator

Discover research-based solutions trusted to drive quality through a focus on meaningful interactions.


Improve teaching quality with Our Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), the leading quality improvement system for teaching, helps you focus, measure and improve classroom interactions — a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success.

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CLASS Certification Trainings

Strengthen your CLASS expertise and become a certified CLASS observer, coach and leader.

Professional Development

Deepen your knowledge and enhance your practices with professional development focused on driving meaningful interactions across every setting.


Streamline your CLASS implementation, individualize professional development and promote continuous improvement with an all-in-one research-based platform.


Earn your CDA through a unique, flexible, and high-quality program that is the only CDA program powered by CLASS.

myCoach Connect

Engage in practice-based coaching with a certified CLASS coach through an all-in-one video coaching platform.

CLASS® Support Kits

Drive quality interactions across the entire day with curated kits featuring guidebooks, classroom materials, and more.

Every child, no matter their background, deserves better teacher-child interactions. We’re committed to providing CLASS resources and training to teachers serving Spanish-speaking communities.

What is CLASS?

Get the guide to the Classroom Assessment Scoring System.

Establish Baseline

Gathering baseline data about what is happening in your classrooms is the first step to improving teacher-student interactions. Teachstone will help you develop a plan to train observers and collect data from classrooms.

CLASS® Inspired

Teachstone® partners with educators to implement CLASS assessment, data collection/analysis, and teacher training to improve classroom dynamics and, ultimately, student performance. Our solutions help organizations perform initial assessments and train staff to use CLASS with fidelity, allowing for long-term impact on classroom interactions.

Embarking on your CLASS Journey

Teachstone’s talented team of implementation specialists work with school leaders to develop a CLASS Journey that is customized to fit the needs of a school/program. With the support of hundreds of research studies, we work with schools to gather data and improve practice across an entire faculty.

Develop Proficiency

Once baseline data has been gathered by your Teachstone-trained observer, we’ll work with you to analyze data and to determine the appropriate coaching for your teachers. You will have access to teacher data via our myTeachstone® online platform. The second stage of the journey is primarily focused on training coaches to work with your teachers, and then deploying those coaches to provide support.

Sustain Mastery

Schools in Stage 3 have committed to building the institutional capabilities required for implementing CLASS-based professional development across their entire teacher population. They understand that ongoing success requires a multi-year commitment to CLASS training and coaching. At this stage, myTeachstone becomes a critical resource for maintaining data and assigning professional development to teachers for continued learning.

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