Continuous Learning for Continuous Improvement

Deepen your knowledge and enhance your practices with professional development focused on driving meaningful interactions across every setting. With specific offerings to strengthen CLASS® understanding and practices, to opportunities to enhance interactions with trainings powered by CLASS® concepts, there are professional development options for everyone.

CLASS® Professional Development for Teachers

CLASS Foundations for Teachers

A collection of online courses designed to build a teacher’s understanding of CLASS and gain foundational skills that drive quality interactions.
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myTeachstone Learning Resources

A digital library of 1,200+ research-based resources that enables individualized professional development opportunities that target best practices in areas such as social-emotional learning, literacy, classroom management, and more.
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CLASS Primer for Teachers

A three-hour online course designed to introduce the importance of interactions and start a teacher’s professional journey with CLASS within infant/toddler, pre-K, or K-3 classrooms.
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Instructional Support Essentials for Teachers

A 1-day professional development training designed to support teachers in enhancing their understanding of the Instructional Support domain and gain effective strategies to apply in their own practice.
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CLASS® Professional Development for Leaders and Coaches

CLASS Certifications

Continue your professional journey, and strengthen your expertise on high-quality interactions by earning a CLASS certification.
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Instructional Support Strategies for Coaches

A 1-day professional development training designed to support coaches and leaders in guiding teachers’ use of effective strategies in the Instructional Support domain.
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Coaching with myTeachstone

A 2-day professional development training designed to support coaches and leaders in using CLASS observation data to effectively individualize teacher feedback and how to leverage myTeachstone functionality to drive meaningful coaching relationships and outcomes.
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CLASS Feedback Strategies

A 1-day professional development training designed to prepare coaches and leaders to translate CLASS observational data into effective feedback, and develop best practices for scheduling and engaging in conference sessions with teachers.
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CLASS Primer for Leaders

A two-hour online course designed to introduce leaders to CLASS and how to lead an effective implementation within their journey.
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Professional Development Powered by CLASS®

Interactions at the Heart of Healing

A trauma-informed professional development series that is powered by CLASS. It’s a six-hour comprehensive offering, available online or facilitated, designed to support educators in responding appropriately to trauma by strengthening quality interactions.
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Supporting Interactions in a Socially-Distanced or Virtual Classroom

A half-day professional development training designed to support teachers in understanding and providing quality interactions across multiple settings, virtual or socially-distanced classrooms.
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