Drive Continuous Improvement – Anytime, Anywhere

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Maximize the Potential for Every Child By Supporting Teacher Growth

Streamline your improvement efforts with a research-based, all-in-one platform designed to focus, measure, and improve teacher-child interactions -- a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success.

Guide and Track Professional Development

Promote teacher-growth by providing data-driven and individualized professional development. With myTeachstone you can:

  • Give teachers’ access to a growing and searchable library of research-based resources that target best-practices in social-emotional learning, language and literacy skills, supporting dual-language learners, and more
  • Extend teachers’ learning by recommending resources that feature real-classrooms, engaging in discussion prompts, and tracking completion progress
  • Use observation data to identify and access formal professional development opportunities, responsive trainings, and online courses

Support Ongoing Observation and Coaching Practices

Facilitate meaningful teacher-growth and strengthen teacher-coach relationships through ongoing, frequent, and research-based observation and coaching practices. With myTeachstone you can:

  • Create professional learning communities and engage in online discussion and facilitated learning
  • Observe classrooms virtually with video upload and informal observation functionality 
  • Pair teachers with a certified CLASS® coach to provide intentional and facilitated coaching sessions

Streamline CLASS® implementation efforts

Collect, view, and report on your CLASS data, and use the data to drive informed improvement efforts to effectively promote teacher-growth. With myTeachstone you can:

  • Save time and reduce paperwork using digital features to collect, score, and report on CLASS data
  • Connect your measurement data to improvement efforts to strengthen outcomes 
  • Access an exclusive automated feedback report to quickly identify areas of strength and opportunities based on observational data

The Tools to Drive Improvement, At All Levels

Data at Your Fingertips Generate reports to track implementation and drive improvement efforts.
Insight to Individualize Access custom reports and tools to facilitate individualized and engaging sessions.
Support When You Need It Engage in professional learning on your schedule and see exemplars of best practices in action, in real classrooms.
An All-In-One Platform Make observation notes, assign ranges to indicators and finalize scores in one central location.

myTeachstone is transforming how programs engage in continuous improvement efforts by moving beyond measurement.

What can it do for your program?
[I learned] how to engage an infant or toddler and how much of what I naturally do with the children [is] needed for their development...
I have loved the interactivity and I love doing this electronically. I feel like I’ve grown as a leader and as a coach.

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The CLASS® Learning Community

Your myTeachstone subscription includes access to our exclusive CLASS Learning Community. Join over 25,000 educators and leaders in discussion and sharing of best practices and reflections. Gain access to special content, share your own resources, and extend your learning and professional network. 

Who Can Use myTeachstone?

Administrators – The data you need is at your fingertips in myTeachstone. Pull observation averages at the program level all the way down to specific scores from each teacher. See how many observers are currently CLASS reliable. And learn exactly how much time your coaches and teachers are spending on professional development.

Coaches – Whether you conduct CLASS observations, or you hire an outside coder, you’ll receive custom reports based on observations on each of your teachers. With that data, you’ll be able to recommend individualized PD videos or course from the resource library to a single teacher or a whole team.

Observers – CLASS observations have never been easier to conduct. Make notes, set a cycle timer, assign ranges to indicators, and send finalized scores all within one app.

Teachers – Want to see examples of a specific CLASS dimension? Filter through hundreds of videos, articles, and courses to find the resource that will help you grow. Watch resources assigned by your coach or enjoy some self-guided PD.