Focus on High-Quality Teacher-Student Interactions

Build a foundation that allows meaningful interactions to flourish.

Pave a pathway for success.

Help your organization understand why teacher-student interactions are the key focus of CLASS by creating a clear vision, building change readiness, and establishing foundational knowledge of quality interactions.

Create a clear vision.

Start your CLASS journey by first defining your program’s unique goals
and desired outcomes by engaging in an online, introductory course that helps you:

  • Identify the value and opportunities CLASS can bring to your organization
  • Craft your program’s vision for CLASS implementation
  • Design an implementation plan and define clear next steps

Build change readiness.

Create a culture prepared for change by engaging your organization in exercises that:

  • Strengthen understanding of value and importance of teacher-student interactions
  • Establish shared expectations and intent for CLASS observations
  • Show alignments between CLASS and current initiatives, such as curriculum

Establish foundational knowledge.

Prepare teachers for focusing efforts on interactions, and for CLASS observations with comprehensive training courses and resources designed to:

  • Increase understanding of effective teacher-student interactions
  • Discover why CLASS is important and it how benefits a teacher’s practice
  • Promote strategies to leverage the CLASS Framework as an improvement tool

Improve interactions, improve child-outcomes.

There is a reason CLASS is the leader in QRIS and the Office of Head Start’s chosen quality assessment tool — it works.

What Does it Mean to "Do CLASS" in Your Program?

This on-demand webinar is designed to help people who are new to CLASS - or considering adopting the CLASS understand how the tool can be used as both a measurement and a professional development system to enhance teaching and child outcomes.

Maximize the potential for every child.

Focus, measure and improve classroom interactions -- a key factor proven to drive children’s academic and life-long success.