CLASS Environment™

Focus on the elements of a teaching environment that really matter.

Create an environment that fuels quality interactions.

Research has proven that meaningful interactions are key to promoting children’s learning and development. For years, CLASS® has been the leading system for measuring and improving those key interactions. And now, with CLASS Environment™, you can measure and improve the specific elements of an environment that matter most for supporting those interactions.

training materials on table for CLASS

Build a shared definition of quality learning environments.

CLASS Environment™, available with a very minimal investment, offers:

  • A flexible, on-demand observer training course
  • A short, focused on-demand teacher course
  • Supports for coaches and administrators to assist in driving improvements to the environment
classroom environment

Take a holistic approach to supporting child outcomes.

Anchored in the research-based domains of the CLASS® tool, CLASS Environment™ is built to:

  • Measure the type, not quantity, of environmental elements that support meaningful interactions
  • Support Infant/Toddler, and Pre-K/K educators in creating effective learning environments
  • Strengthen quality of children’s educational experiences
Quality measure for one system

Measure quality with one system.

Used alongside the CLASS® tool, CLASS Environment™ is designed to:

  • Observe key elements of the environment that impact what really matters, teacher-child interactions
  • Minimize total observation time and decrease disruptions by pairing interaction and environment observations togethers
  • Collect data points that paint a comprehensive picture of quality

Dig into the Details

Watch the recorded product demonstration to learn more about CLASS Environment™, see examples from the Manual, and learn more about how to incorporate CLASS Environment™ into your current continuous improvement efforts. 

A more efficient and effective way to drive quality improvements.

Focused Measurement
Reduce the amount of elements being measured by focusing on the elements that matter the most in supporting interactions.
Data Collection
Streamline your data collection and capture quality data at the same time, in the same place, and generate comprehensive reports.
OnDemand PD
Observers, teachers, coaches and administrators can access professional development courses and support at their fingertips.
Powered by CLASS®
CLASS® Environment is organized and anchored in the CLASS® domains, driving improvements in what really matters, teacher-child interactions.

Help each and every child reach their full potential.

Research has proven that meaningful interactions promote children’s development and learning. Strengthen those key interactions by leveraging the power of your learning environment.