The CDA with CLASS®

We believe every child deserves life-changing teachers.

Every day, child care programs work to ensure that our youngest children have a safe, loving environment where they can learn and thrive. At Teachstone we are committed to ensuring all children experience effective interactions with their caregivers and teachers – the very interactions that are proven to drive positive development and learning.

Your employees can work at their own pace or get personalized guidance. 

The CDA with CLASS is offered in two formats – a convenient on-demand, self-guided course or a fully-facilitated course with experienced educators who can offer specific feedback and strategies. Our courses are Gold Standard Certified by the Council for Professional Recognition, meaning our courses offer at least 10 training hours in each of the eight CDA subject areas

The On-Demand CDA with CLASS is an affordable, convenient online course that supports educators seeking to fulfill the training requirements of the CDA. Our self-guided platform is simple and easy to navigate. Elements of CLASS are infused in the course to help learners focus on the importance of interactions. Learners work through the CDA training on their own time and from any device.

The facilitated CDA with CLASS is a 24-week online group course guided by a friendly and helpful team of educators to assist learners through the CDA process. Throughout the course, they are available to answer questions, provide specific feedback, and grade assignments. They also help learners build a professional portfolio while growing their knowledge of CLASS. Participants advance through the program with a community of other learners. Not only will they be prepared to earn the credential, but they will also learn skills for improving interactions with the children in their care.

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We Offer A Unique CDA Solution for Your Organization

Partner with us to offer your employees a comprehensive program that will prepare them to obtain or renew the CDA credential.
It's Complete
The CDA with CLASS coursework covers the skills required for earning the CDA credential. Infant/Toddler, Pre-K and Family Child Care age levels are offered. Learners also build their professional portfolio along the way and earn continuing education credits (CEUs).
It's Flexible
With multiple enrollment dates throughout the year and an on-demand option, this program meets learners where they are, whenever they are ready. Content is accessible anytime from any device.
It's Engaging
The program comes to life with authentic classroom videos, peer to peer discussions, facilitator feedback and strategies to enhance classroom interactions.
It's Unique
This program is the only one to integrate CLASS understanding and skills for improved interactions between teachers and children.

Have Employees with a CDA?

Great! The CDA Renewal with CLASS is a comprehensive online program for early childhood educators that want to renew their CDA. This 8-week program expands understanding of children’s developmental needs and how to best support them in partnership with colleagues, families, and communities. At the center of all this learning is the CLASS framework.

See What Our Students Are Saying

My facilitator was amazing. I appreciated the feedback given and felt very comfortable navigating through this course.”

“This course is amazing in several ways. The fact that I can access it on my phone at breaks is truly a life saver.”

I have been so pleased with how easy this has been for me to complete. I’m able to maneuver the website with no problems and loved having the videos and visuals to help.”

“This course, thus far, has mostly been a refresher for me with some new treasures that help me be my best self for my kiddos!  All lessons learned, no matter how small, have the potential to help me give the children in my care the support, knowledge and love.”